What employees do to irritate teammates

by Success Improv
5 years ago

I saw a headline similar to this title and thought about it in great detail. The word irritate is what got me.

In the reality of life only you can choose to be irritated. Someone else’s actions can’t “make” you be or do anything. It is a choice on how you react to someone else’s choices and behaviors. And what is an irritation anyway? It is another word for being upset. And as SI says over and over and over is “The only reason anyone gets upset is because an expectation hasn’t been met.”

This simply means that if someone is irritating you, you are upset with them, and you had an expectation that is currently being unmet.

This is a great time to walk through the Upset Workflow and figure out where the breakdown is and how to resolve it.

At the end of the day, it isn’t what your teammate is doing, it is how you are choosing to respond to the teammate. And yes, there are ways for everyone to get what they want.