Improv-Inspired Workshops to
Accelerate Team Success

A stimulating way to
improve communication,
retain employees, and
increase productivity

Most conversations at work are unscripted, like improv. Our team building workshops teach 5 rules of improv. We show your team how to apply those techniques at work.

The Inspiration Behind the Magic

Improv rules offer a map with multiple paths to effective communication and relating.

Scripted interactions feel devoid of authenticity and connection. However, a lack of conversational guidelines often leaves people feeling confused, frustrated, and undervalued. Improv-inspired workshops offer that sweet spot of the spontaneity spectrum. Now you can benefit from our “secret sauce” honed from years of applying improv to life and business. Curious? Learn more about how improv will benefit your team.

Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs

Fun and Unique Experiences for Team Building

Tools That are Long Lasting and Effective

2-3 Hours That will Change Everything

“I was invited by a friend to the “Improv for Business” class hosted Ben Winter. Prior to going I really had no idea what it was about to get into. I will not give any spoilers but instead I will share the benefits I believe this event offers. There is no doubt this is a superior form of team building. Most team building events I’ve had to attend were very competition based. This class everyone had to work together and even though I was with strangers I felt close to them by the time it was done. Secondly, I believe this class is good training. Not only does it teach active listening but positive responses ideal for a salesforce, customer service, managing people or anyone that has to deal efficiently with co-workers. I have also used a few lessons to talk to my wife, don’t tell. Lastly it was just a fun environment that if you’re not paying too much attention people won’t know they’re learning something.” – From Google Reviews

Managers and business owners rave about the benefits of team building with Success Improv.

  • Embraces diverse thinking for better problem-solving outcomes.
  • Colleagues learn to communicate to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Quiet team members find their voice, and talkative ones practice listening.
  • People start building bridges between ideas.
  • Everyone can participate and succeed at their level.
  • It is interactive and fun.

A Success Improv workshop checks all the right boxes for team building.

When your team is on the same page, things just work better. Our trainings provide tools and techniques that keep people on the same page. And as a result, the general energy of the group is more cohesive.

Team Building Goals Addressed A Workshop from Success Improv Competitions like Go-Kart Racing Fun-Focused like Karaoke or a Ball Game Professional Development Exercises
Teaches Relevant Skills
Encourages Deeper Connections
Creates Fun Memories
Inspires Creativity
Values Diversity


Ben and his team have really stepped up the team building game. Typical team building (like gocarts and paintball) drives a wedge between those who are competitive and those who don’t want to be there. Rather than just getting a team together to do something that won’t foster growth, Success Improv really delivers a set of tools and techniques that will provide lasting results. If you want ROI on your team building needs, definitely go with Success Improv. – Mollie Savage, (from Google Review)

Teams of people often think they are working together effectively because the suit up and show up each day. There is a lot more to being a high functioning team. Team Building Unscripted helps groups identify their challenges and opportunities then learn together experientially. This is real world, practical team building appropriate for for profit and nonprofit organizations, other organizations or types of teams. – Scott Henderson, (from Google Review)

If you have a team you have to have Team Building Unscripted! It will help your team get out of their comfort zone and will teach them tools to gracefully handle any hard and uncomfortable situation they may have in business! – Liz P. Unthink Solutions

Ben has such a unique way of approaching team building. Not only was our experience fun, but we learned so much. I truly saw an immediate, positive change in how our team interacts with one another. This is by far the best team building exercise I have experienced, I highly recommend Ben and Team Building Unscripted. – Savannah Weiss, (from Google Review)

I just have to say I had a terrific time at Team Building Unscripted. Interactive and fun! The rules we learned are excellent for everything from business to children – really any relationship. Help your businesses grow and your relationships thrive! – Shona A. Shine Dental Arts

Team Building Unscripted is a way to feel comfortable in any business situation. Whether it is going to a meeting where the agenda changes without notice, an event that is not what you expected and would normally catch you off guard, or a one-on-one meeting that is very challenging. Team Building Unscripted gives you 5 Rules to navigate through any situation and come out successful! As long as you “play by the rules”…you win! – Nigel C. Denver Entreprenueral Society

Ben is fantastic! Always willing and able to help. His approach is refreshing and not the same old stuff. To top if off, he’s a funny guy! – Steve Rossi, (from Google Review)

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