Team building shouldn’t cost you time and money without some valuable return on investment.

Every moment of every day we improvise. Our team building exercises are based on the tools and techniques of improv. Not only will your team have fun but they will learn valuable skills to help improve teams, team innovation, and teamwork in general. Fun + Tools = ROI!

2 Hours + Fun + Tools & Techniques = ROI!!

Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs

Fun and Unique Experiences for Team Building

Tools That are Long Lasting and Effective

Half-Day and Full-Day Trainings Available

It is a long established fact that a people learn more when they are having fun.

Our trainings are designed to be fun while still teaching valuable tools and techniques to bring teams closure together and increase work productivity.  We teach all three ways of learning. Auditory, Tactile, and Visual.

Tool Box

If you have an empty tool box you can’t fix what’s broken. We fill each employee’s tool box with valuable tools to use when necessary.


People are like batteries. Sometimes they need to be charged to work at full capacity. Our training will charge up your employees!

Being on the same page

When your team is on the same page, things just work better. Our trainings provide tools and techniques that keep people on the same page. And as a result, the general energy of the group is more cohesive.

In Tune

When employees are in tune with each other, music happens. While it isn’t the music we hear, IT IS the music we see.


When an employee feels protected they are more likely to be engaged. An engaged employee is worth 10x as much as a non-engaged employee. The tools we teach, allows everyone to feel protected.

Our Guarantee

If after a month things aren’t going well, we’ll get on a conference call with your team and will help resolve those issues.


I just have to say I had a terrific time at Team Building Unscripted. Interactive and fun! The rules we learned are excellent for everything from business to children – really any relationship. Help your businesses grow and your relationships thrive! – Shona A. Shine Dental Arts

If you have a team you have to have Team Building Unscripted! It will help your team get out of their comfort zone and will teach them tools to gracefully handle any hard and uncomfortable situation they may have in business! – Liz P. Unthink Solutions

Team Building Unscripted is a way to feel comfortable in any business situation. Whether it is going to a meeting where the agenda changes without notice, an event that is not what you expected and would normally catch you off guard, or a one-on-one meeting that is very challenging. Team Building Unscripted gives you 5 Rules to navigate through any situation and come out successful! As long as you “play by the rules”…you win! – Nigel C. Denver Entreprenueral Society

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