Training Content

Life is improv. Learn the rules. Be successful. Business is no different. When employees learn the tools and techniques of improv, everything just works better. It isn’t complicated. It doesn’t take much time, and the ROI is definitely built into the training.

Good for:

  • Employee Retention
  • Fun in the office
  • Productivity
  • Team Work
  • Innovation
  • and more

Using the tools and techniques of improv, your team will come together with a newfound approach to communicating and interacting. This type of training is not only effective, but it is also long-lasting. It doesn’t drive team members apart as some activities do. It provides an ROI on your team-building training.
Through laughter, fun, insightfulness, and a new perspective on things, your team will thrive. A happy team is a productive team. Productivity means profits.

Customer Service sucks! Let’s face it. The people calling customer service are having a problem. They are likely to take it out on your employees.
These interactions are improvised. Nobody knows where the conversations will go.
Using the tools and techniques of improv, your team will have the ability to transcend these interactions with a smile and sense of accomplishment. Let’s keep a smile on the faces of your customer service staff. A happy employee sticks around. And that, in and of itself, is worth its weight in gold.

The only reason anyone ever gets upset is because an expectation hasn’t been met.
The lack of communication of expectations is the key to conflict in the workplace. With the tools and techniques of improv your workplace can avoid conflict with great ease and work through conflict QUICKLY and EFFECTIVELY.
We walk you through the workflow of resolving an upset situation. It defuses the conflict in seconds rather than days, weeks, months, or longer.
Remember, a happy workplace is a productive workspace. And productivity means higher profits.

Need an emcee for your event? We combine some fun aspects of our classes into a fun filled evening while emceeing your event. Keeping it light, fun, and energetic.

One on one coaching is vital to success in any business. If you have goals and you aren’t achieving them, we can help. Don’t have a background in improv? No need. Our background in personal growth, business development, and improv creates an environment for your development and allows you the space and tools to achieve your goals.

Team Building Unscripted is a workshop within Success Improv. Enjoy this video that gives you more information on the company and the workshop.