Workshop Options

Team Building Unscripted is a workshop within Success Improv. Enjoy this video that gives you more information on the company and the workshop.

Applied Improvisation

Participants at Success Improv workshops often laugh and enjoy themselves. However, a common misconception is that we teach how to be funny or that participants will be asked to act goofy. Instead, we create a safe space for coworkers to connect, interact, and inspire each other. The outcome is improved communication skills and relationships.

Choose the workshop that best suits your team’s goals.

Customized Workshop

This is the perfect workshop for teams with mixed responsibilities and functions, as often happens in smaller organizations. Tell us your desired outcomes so we can tailor the team-building workshop to achieve them. Think of the following topics like pizza toppings. Choose your top topics to focus your own experience.

Possible Topic Choices:

  1. Any of the topics listed in the workshops for Improving Sales, Effective Collaboration, and Wowing your Customers with Service
  2. Gaining insight into colleagues’ thought processes
  3. Improving engagement during meetings
  4. Valuing multiple perspectives
  5. Setting expectations
  6. Making personal connections
  7. Inspiring creativity
  8. Adapting to new information
  9. Active listening
  10. Conflict resolution strategies
  11. Increasing morale
  12. Creative problem solving
  13. Collaborating with different people

Improving Sales

Good salespeople practice their pitch and follow-up on leads. Great salespeople relate to their customers to recognize the difference between a “no,” a “maybe,” and a “not yet” and respond accordingly.

Topics Covered:

  1. Listening and emotionally connecting with customers
  2. Responding to objections and rejections
  3. Communicating to build customer engagement
  4. Focusing on the present
  5. Building Confidence

Effective Collaboration

Solving complex problems and completing projects on time requires more than skills and knowledge. The best teams collaborate by valuing diverse ideas and communicating for productivity.

Topics Covered:

  1. Brainstorming techniques
  2. Adding details to requests to improve understanding
  3. Active listening
  4. Encouraging participation from everyone involved
  5. Strategies for inspiring creativity and innovation
  6. Appreciating the contributions of different skillsets

Wowing your Customers with Customer Service

Customers consistently list customer service as a top reason to stay loyal to a brand. Public-facing employees constantly balance exceeding customers’ expectations within the constraints of available options. Help them adapt to situations and evolve from “Let me get my manager” to “Let’s work together to improve the situation.”

Topics Covered:

  1. Viewing each interaction as a possibility to delight the customer
  2. Staying positive and professional in tense situations
  3. Listening and empathizing with customers
  4. Using concise and detailed language to avoid misunderstandings
  5. Strategies for affirming customer perspective
  6. Adapting body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions for each situation
  7. Brainstorming and collaborating with customers to solve problems
  8. When to go “off-script”
  9. Ending the conversation on a good note