The Setup

What do we do in a workshop?

Workshops show participants how to apply improv-inspired strategies to improve relationships and efficient communication. We customize the workshop to meet your desired outcomes.

Who facilitates the workshop?

Ben Winter enlivens your workshop with his unique blend of business knowledge and improv experience. He loves teaching how applying the rules of improv helps approach differences as opportunities instead of challenges. He and Tara are passionate about sharing strategies for other teams to work in places where they feel inspired and welcomed.

What is the return on investment?

The investment for twenty people or less in or near Denver Metro is usually less than one thousand dollars. In return, employees will come away with improv-inspired strategies for better communication and valuing different perspectives.

The fun and learning continue after the workshop. Participants leave with follow-up materials to continue working on the skills learned. Better communication leads to more productive work days and appreciating each other more. Employee retention improves when everyone feels that their voice is heard and they matter. Customers also like working with happy employees.

How many people can go in one session?

The optimal group size is 15- 25 participants. However, we can easily accommodate groups outside that range. Groups over 30 may need to divide into two sessions.

How long should we devote to the workshop?

Count on a minimum of two hours. Larger groups often take longer. We strive to keep the sessions at less than three hours.

Where do workshops take place?

We will travel to your place of business for the workshop. We will need a space large enough for your group to sit and move around comfortably. Businesses without large enough spaces often find great locations through PeerSpace.

How should I prepare the group?

Improv teambuilding workshops are one part fun, one part communication skills, and one part connecting. The principles of improv foster a safe space to engage and create. The workshop goal is not to transform people into comedians, yet participants frequently laugh as they share and imagine.

Participants are encouraged to wear clothes comfortable for moving around and bring personal water bottles. For optimum flow, we recommend not taking long food breaks. Some managers provide a catered meal after the workshop where everyone can further connect over their shared experience.

How do I book a session?

Give us a call or fill out our contact form. We will find out what your workshop goals are and find a time. For the best opportunity of getting your preferred day and time slot, reserve at least a month in advance.