One Overlooked Strategy…

by Success Improv
4 years ago
One overlooked coaching strategy for the leadership of a company is improv training. Who is thrown the most curveballs? The leadership of the organization. They have to be able to handle any situation that comes there way. If you keep in mind that every moment of every day of our lives is improvised, then it makes sense to get improvisation training.
Improv training helps with many aspects including, corporate culture, employee retention, employee engagement, better management, and fun in the workplace.
While most people think that improv training is more for the employees, I would counter with the point that if the leaders are following the rules and techniques of improv, the teams they manage will be happier and more productive. By proxy, they will feel more included and more valued.
If you think of the group of people on stage doing improv, if they invite someone onstage with them and they don’t know the rules of improv, the main performers (leaders) are still able to control the stage and handle odd situations with grace and ease. They will be able to guide the people to succeed without knowing the rules of improv.
Improv training might do more for a company than any other training you can think of. The number of areas it touches are boundless. And as a foundational training, improv training will enhance any other training a company does going forward.