New Years Resolutions – Why We Don’t Do Them

by Success Improv
5 years ago

New Year’s resolutions are something a lot of people do but then never follow through with them. Why?

A resolution at the start of the year is an expectation that you will do something different. Setting a goal. The issue is that you don’t have that item as an ingrained habit already. This makes it hard to do. When you want something different and you set a goal to do something different, you basically just set up the battleground for a new war. A war between your past habits and programs, and your future wants and desires. Guess which has had the most practice?

I always think doing new things and making new goals is a good thing to do. Just remember to give yourself a break as you go to battle against your past habits. You are going to lose some of the battles. But as long as you keep fighting, you will win the war.

You have a lot of work to do to actually make those new year’s resolutions work for you. And for those that want to do the work, I applaud you.