Mistakes that can ruin your relationship

by Success Improv
5 years ago

Our biggest mistake in relationships revolves around Expectations. Most of us have them and either we know we have them or learn about them when they go unmet. The only reason anyone ever gets upset is because an expection hasn’t been met.
We often fight as a result of an unmet expectation.

Think of this example, honey, please take out the trash.
Simple enough, but what if your partner is busy. And doesn’t understand your expectations of which trash, when you want it taken out, and why. Perhaps your partner is busy with their own thing and they don’t want to be disturbed.

In this example, both partners could be upset with the other for various reasons. Had the asking partner said, “honey, could you take out the kitchen trash now because I am making dinner and the scraps I just put in the trash smell really bad.” The expectation couldn’t be any more clear. And the other partner could negotiate based on what they are doing.

This creates Dialog. Conversation. Communication. Everything every decent relationship needs to thrive.