How Success Improv got started…

by Success Improv
9 years ago

I was networking with a group of people and realized while we were bantering and making light of silly things, how far I had come from days past.

You see, in the past when someone would say something that might be considered intimidating, I would have gotten defensive, or self-conscious, or just uncomfortable. Now, I find it to be an opportunity to PLAY!!!

Here was the situation:We were going around the room introducing ourselves and adding something to the introduction. That something was, “tell us something nobody knows about you”. I proceeded to tell everyone about a film I am in that hasn’t been released. This brought up that I am an actor and someone mentioned seeing me in a dress…yes, I have performed on stage in women’s clothing (

Now, keep in mind that most people in this room didn’t know me. In the past this would have been very scary for me. I would have panicked. I would have turned red. I would have started sweating. And I would have sat down waiting for the whole thing to be over, just so I could run.

What did I do instead? I played with it. I took control of the situation. I took control of the room. I let the rules of improv kick in and I let everyone in the room know how confident in myself that I am. I let them know that wearing a dress doesn’t change who I am. It was a part in a play. Nothing more.

It was in that moment, sitting down from my introduction, that I realized that I have come really far from freaking out. I attributed that to my background in personal growth and from years of improv. I learned on stage to let anything happen and be okay with it. To play with it. To let it make me stronger.

It was that moment that I realized how the rules of improv are the rules to life. And in that moment I was SUCCESSFUL!

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