Employee Retention

by Success Improv
5 years ago

Employee Retention is a big problem in the workplace these days. There are many reasons why people leave a job.  According to Inc.com, the top 2 reasons are Poor Management and Employee Recognition, or lack thereof. From Kununu, you have Lack of Trust and Not Being Appreciated or Recognized. From NBC, the number 1 reason is lack of recognition.

Here you are, on a team-building site, touting improv as the tool and technique you need to solve this problem, and wondering how.

Improv is typically seen and heard of as a stage performance in which the actors come up with stuff on the spot. What most people don’t realize is that those actors are following a set of rules. When followed, that group will be successful on stage. They will create something that the audience will enjoy. Some people might even be dumbfounded by how the group did it without having a script.

Life is the biggest stage there is. We all perform on it. And guess what, it is improvised. None of us has a script. Very few of us know and follow the rules of improv.

SuccessImprov teaches a group, a team, a department, the rules and techniques of improv in such a way that everyone feels valued, heard, and respected. This creates an environment of trust. If people trust the environment and those they work with, none of the above issues outlined in major research will carry weight. People will be able to work through any and all of those issues with respect and admiration of each other.

Improv is a way of life. Learn the rules. Be successful.

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