Employee Retention Problems?

by Success Improv
4 years ago
Retain employees through…
Improv training. One of the biggest problems in the workforce is the different sets of people, their emotions, their logic, their past, and their prejudices. We all have them. We all grew up with different parents and in different environments. These differences can work together and can also create turmoil. If the workplace is not fun and enjoyable it becomes a place where people don’t want to work.
If you have ever seen an improv show and asked yourself, “How did they do that without a script?” then you may be surprised to learn, they were all following a very simple set of rules. At the same time, if you saw an improv show and thought it was a train wreck, well that’s because one or more players weren’t following the rules.
In the workplace, these same rules can create magic and synergy in the workplace unlike anyone is used to. And when everyone is working well together and having fun, does anyone really want to leave? With improv training for your workforce, your managers, owners, etc, if done effectively, you will see your employee retention numbers going up and people leaving going down.