Dealing with Difficult People

by Success Improv
4 years ago

The number one tool I can recommend is to learn improv. It’s safe to say that we improvise every moment of every day of our lives. What most people don’t realize is that there are rules to improv. If you have ever seen an improv performance and were completely blown away as to how they did it, it was because they were following the rules of improv. This means that anything and everything thrown their way was usable and it didn’t throw them off of their game.

As goes life and work. We get thrown people and situations that could throw us off of our game. Difficult people are only difficult because we perceive them as going against what we normally would like to see and do. Therefore, if you are ready for anything coming your way, a.k.a. learning improv, you can handle difficult people and situations with peace of mind.

Improv allows you to put your perspective in the back seat because you are more present and able to deal with what is in front of you rather than place bias and prejudice first.