Team Building Colorado Springs

Employee Team Strengthening Colorado SpringsSo much has been said about how team building in Colorado Springs can build trust, encourage communication, and help solve workplace-related problems. What some organizations do not know is that these benefits can only be enjoyed if their team building in Colorado Springs is done right.

The question is: How exactly can you make your team building in Colorado Springs a success? Figuring out the answer does not have to be hard when you work with Success Improv. Here are the areas we’ll help you tackle when we facilitate team building in Colorado Springs:

  • Laying the Ground Work for Team Building in Colorado Springs

As with any other endeavor in your company, team building in Colorado Springs must begin with a clear-cut mission. We’ll start by helping you answer this simple question: What does your company want to achieve through team building in Colorado Springs?

You may be planning to have team building in Colorado Springs to help your group boost their creativity, address particular teamwork issues, or get more comfortable with one another. Whatever the goal is, our experts will help you incorporate it into our improvisation-based team building in Colorado Springs.

  • Ensuring Engagement in Your Team Building in Colorado Springs

Putting together team building in Colorado Springs is pointless if your team members are not engaged in the activity. One way to increase enthusiasm is to customize the team building in Colorado Springs to the needs of the participants.

At Success Improv, we’ll do whatever we can to make our course for team building in Colorado Springs interesting to everyone involved. We believe that people are more motivated to learn when doing an activity that is relevant to them.

  • Bringing the Fun to Team Building in Colorado Springs

Speaking of engagement, nothing draws team members’ attention like the promise of fun. However, spicing things up in team building for Colorado Springs clients can be difficult. If you don’t think through it, you might fall into the trap of organizing activities and games that everybody hates.

The good news is there’s a trick to fun-filled team building. This is something we can help you implement in your team building in Colorado Springs.

To make your team building in Colorado Springs engaging and interactive, our professionals will help you find the common ground among your team members. Once it’s determined, we can work together in planning the best possible improvisation-based team building in Colorado Springs for your group. You can learn more about team building here:

Things to Keep in Mind When Having Team Building

  • Take Risks and Accept Little Failures

The main theme of our course, improvisation, can be a bit challenging. Given this, it’s only natural your team may not do everything perfectly the first time. Welcome this initially flawed performance from your team. In fact, encourage it.

By showing your group that it’s okay to try and fail, you empower and help them find the courage to take risks. You teach them to become bolder and look at the little failures as stepping-stones to the bigger successes.

  • Consider the Feedback of Your Team

Reach out to the participants and seek their feedback a few days after your team building in Colorado Springs. If you decide to have team building in Colorado Springs again, don’t forget to consider your team’s suggestions and comments.

  • Make Team Building in Colorado Springs a Habit

The activities in your team building in Colorado Springs can help establish good rapport and build trust among team members. Also, with regular follow-up exercises in your workplace, better results can be achieved.

Think of your team building in Colorado Springs as the first step. Then, continue by applying the practices and lessons you learned in the following team building in Colorado Springs.

Foster Camaraderie in Your Group With Help From Success Improv

Team building in Colorado Springs is an opportunity to establish an ideal working relationship with your team members. Make sure you get the most out of your team building in Colorado Springs by turning to Success Improv. Contact us today to learn about our improved-based approach to team building in Colorado Springs.

Success Improv: Encouraging Collaboration Through Team Building Unscripted

For organizations, the cooperation of staff members is the key to having a successful and harmonious work environment. If you’re looking for a unique and engaging way to strengthen your team’s unity, turn to Success Improv’s Team Building Unscripted. We offer creative exercises through this comprehensive, improv-based course, and together, we can work toward bringing your team members closer than ever.

When your team participates in our activities, you can improve communication, teach the importance of respect, and build trust among the members. We facilitate our sessions with the goal of making the experience as collaborative, enjoyable, and fruitful as possible for everyone. Should you need help in fostering camaraderie and solidifying your team, come to us. You and your team will not be disappointed you did!

The People Behind Success Improv and Team Building Unscripted

To survive and thrive in a field, businesses must be run by a talented, hardworking, and committed team. This is what we have at Success Improv. Here are the talented individuals behind our success:

Ben Winter

As the founder and CEO of Success Improv, Ben Winter is dedicated to helping groups of people form stronger and meaningful bonds. He has come up with a formula that combines improvisation and team building in positioning organizations for growth.

Our founder/CEO believes that the aspects of improv relate to not only onstage performances but also real life. Utilizing improv-based tenets of collaboration, he guides individuals toward practicing new ways of thinking, turning thoughts into actions, and establishing deeper connections.

Ben Winter has more than 10 years of acting and improv experience behind him. He has also devoted more than 15 years of his life to attaining professional and personal growth. In this span of time, he has been able to own and operate several businesses, including Success Improv.

Tara Hedberg

An improv teammate and business partner to Ben Winter, Tara Hedberg brings invaluable contributions to our training sessions. She has an extensive background in acting, improv, teaching, and personal growth.

Tara Hedberg has acted and performed improv for more than 20 years. Not only has she mastered the art, but she has also taught and directed it for a long time.

In addition to her already impressive background, she has given professional advice on life and businesses to countless people. The natural and amazing chemistry between her and Ben on and offstage is instrumental in the success of Team Building Unscripted.

Team Building Unscripted: Applying Improv Principles to the Corporate World

While improvisation and corporate work seem to belong to entirely different worlds, the people who perform them have a lot in common. Improvisation draws on abilities and skills that corporate professionals aim to cultivate. Before you become a good improv actor, you must understand group dynamics and learn to share risks with your coactors in the face of the unknown.

Through Team Building Unscripted, we can help cultivate trust, confidence, and situational adaptability among your team members. Participants work together to create an unscripted scene, and with this collaborative effort, they learn to depend on the unique strengths of each other.

Our program gives everyone a nonjudgmental space, where contributions, no matter how big or small, are welcomed and valued. Because improvisation is usually no smooth road at first try, you and your coactors also learn that little failures are often the way to bigger successes.

Participants of Team Building Unscripted

Our program is an innovative, one-of-a-kind approach to team building. If you’re any of the following, we highly encourage you to attend our course.

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Team Members
  • Individual Contributors Who Work With an Organization
  • Any Group of People Who Work in Close Proximity

Let Success Improv Help You Build Camaraderie Within Your Team

Give your team the push and environment they need to unite and grow! Team Building Unscripted is designed to help engender a sense of understanding and trust among people who work together. Book your training with us today. For more information, you can contact us at 720-924-1245. Click here to book us.