Team Building Colorado Springs

Employee Team Strengthening Colorado SpringsWelcome to Success Improv! So glad you found us.

Team Building is so important these days with buzz words like corporate culture, employee retention, happiness in the workplace, and so on. We are based in Denver so we are happy to do your team building in Colorado Springs. It’s not that big of a drive for us.

We have a different approach to corporate team building. Most team building activities you find online actually hurt your team. We call this Team-Hurting instead of Team Building. Let us explain. Any activity that your team does that has a competitive component will immediately divide your team. These team building activities actually show who is ultra-competitive, who doesn’t like competition, and who each person relates to and no doesn’t like. Someone who is ultra-competitive will make decisions about those people who don’t want to be there, and vice versa.

Stop hurting your team.

We teach team building in a way that everyone can succeed and feel like they are part of a team, not just taking up space and not being used as verbal target practice.

We help solve the following problem areas through team building in Colorado Springs:

  • Employee Retention
  • Happiness in the Workplace
  • Employee Conflict
  • Productivity Issues
  • Trust

The best part about our corporate team building in Colorado Springs is that we spend more time driving to and from your office then we do teaching your team (maybe). The team building class we teach is anywhere between 2-3 hours depending on the size of your group. And if big enough, we might encourage a morning session and an afternoon session to break up the numbers.

Our team building class is worth it in so many ways:

  • Cost – it is a minimal cost to you and your team
  • Time – your employees are only in training for 2-3 hours rather than out of the office for that time as well as drive time.
  • ROI – we teach skills that can be used ongoing in the workplace. The “team-hurting” activities do not.

This means that for your time and money, you are getting something useful and meaningful in the short and long term.

Ensuring Engagement in Your Team Building in Colorado Springs

Our sessions are interactive yet we never make anyone do anything. Your fellow employees may push each other to participate but we encourage a safe place for people to engage. We make the sessions fun. With learning improv skills, you will have fun. It’s just the nature of the subject. We ensure that it is high energy enough but not so wild people don’t take it seriously too.

The People Behind Success Improv and our Team Building in Colorado Springs

To survive and thrive in a field, businesses must be run by a talented, hardworking, and committed team. This is what we have at Success Improv. Here are the talented individuals behind our success:

Ben Winter

As the founder and CEO of Success Improv, Ben Winter is dedicated to helping groups of people form stronger and meaningful bonds. He has come up with a formula that combines improvisation and team building in positioning organizations for growth.

Our founder/CEO believes that the aspects of improv relate to not only onstage performances but also real life. Utilizing improv-based tenets of collaboration, he guides individuals toward practicing new ways of thinking, turning thoughts into actions, and establishing deeper connections.

Ben Winter has more than 10 years of acting and improv experience behind him. He has also devoted more than 15 years of his life to attaining professional and personal growth. In this span of time, he has been able to own and operate several businesses, including Success Improv.

Tara Hedberg

An improv teammate and business partner to Ben Winter, Tara Hedberg brings invaluable contributions to our training sessions. She has an extensive background in acting, improv, teaching, and personal growth.

Tara Hedberg has acted and performed improv for more than 20 years. Not only has she mastered the art, but she has also taught and directed it for a long time.

In addition to her already impressive background, she has given professional advice on life and businesses to countless people. The natural and amazing chemistry between her and Ben on and offstage is instrumental in the success of Team Building Unscripted.


Give your team the push and environment they need to unite and grow! Our team building class is designed to help engender a sense of understanding and trust among people who work together. Book your training with us today. For more information, you can contact us at 720-924-1245. Click here to book us.