What are the top reasons employees quit?

by Success Improv
4 years ago
There are several reasons that people quit and there is a small change that could have kept them employed with a company. While the term corporate culture has been thrown around a lot it encompasses so much. Corporate culture requires team building, leadership training, humor in the workplace, and so much more. It takes everyone to make a corporate culture so enticing that nobody wants to leave. When it comes to employees, if they don’t work well together or at least have an effective way to communicate with one another, the environment of their peers is toxic. Your typical team building activities you find with a search will actually just waste time and money and will divide the team (more below). With managers and leaders, if they aren’t more like coaches, and if they don’t stop micromanaging, it becomes painful for the employees to work there. People want to be valued for their abilities and given the freedom to show off. And let’s face it, if you aren’t having fun doing something, you aren’t going to want to stick around.
Improv training is one of the few things that covers just about every aspect of corporate culture and bringing people together. Improv training doesn’t divide a team as some competitive “team-building” events do. Competitive team-building activities divide a team because it shows who is ultra-competitive, who doesn’t want to be there, who tries to take control and demand things from people, and those who would shy away from such a person. In the end, they would rather not spend time with the other person rather than more thoroughly enjoy their company. Improv training teaches communication at a level most people aren’t even aware exists. Improv is also one of those things, that when understood, is so much fun and enjoyable.