How does improv training help a team?

We improvise every moment of every day of our lives. What most people don’t understand is that there are rules to improv. When utilizing these rules, everything works better, is easier to adapt, accept, and grow.

If you ever watch an improv show (like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”) you will see things just working, regardless of what is thrown their way. They have fun. They laugh. They just make it work. And we, as the audience are left in amazement. The reason it works is because they are all following a unified set of rules.

Translate those same rules to a team in business and you’ll also be left in amazement by the results created. The individual members will feel included, feel wanted, feel valued, have fun, and so much more. And when everyone feels valued and are having fun, performance, innovation, and effort go through the roof.

And the best part is, everyone can do it! It doesn’t matter if your “smart enough”, “funny enough”, “think fast enough”, or any other reason you can come up with.