Business Unscripted

Two Hours + Fun = ROI

Did you know that you improv every moment of every day of your life? Of course you did. But did you know there are rules to improv!? I didn’t, and then I learned them and my life has forever been changed for the better.

Imagine…rules setting you free rather than holding you back!

Business Unscripted is a course that teaches you the tools and techniques of improv for use in your everyday life. Especially in the business world.

Benefits may include:

  • Increased sales
  • More confidence
  • More fun
  • Self-trust
  • Self-worth
  • Fresh perspective
  • Tools for success
  • A quick way to stop being upset
  • Expectations management
  • and so much more

This is a 2 hour workshop where you will have the opportunity to learn about and experience the top 5 rules of improv and how they will help make life and business so much easier.

Workshop Details:

Cost: $49 $24
Length: 2 Hours
Date: Saturday, February 29, 2020 – 10-12am
Location: Eloise May Library – Meeting Room A

1471 S Parker Rd, Denver, CO 80231

Classes must have 10 or more people enrolled to take place. If at least 10 people have not enrolled within 2 business days before the class start date, your enrollment will be moved to the following month.

Other things people have gotten from improv training:

  • “It’s made me a better listener”
  • “I feel freer to make stuff up inside my head” – aka creativity
  • “Trusting myself more and overcoming the fear of success”
  • “confidence, the ability to speak publicly, faster thinker, less anxiety”
  • “I’m a better parent”
  • “Effective communication”
  • “it has improved my skills in teamwork, leadership, communication, creativity, emotional intelligence, and handling change, risk, uncertaintainty, mistakes…”
  • “Dealing with ambiguous situations in the workplace. It allows me to be comfortable not having all of the answers and pivoting.”
  • “helps with static forms of creativity like writing.”
  • “Listening to the present and doing what comes next.”
  • “Dating”
  • “Confidence and public speaking”
  • “Acceptance – both of myself and others, finding and appreciating the quirks and characteristics of everyone I come in conact with”
  • “…exhibiting positivity, openness, and acceptance.”
  • “It unlocked my head so I could get out of it.”
  • “It helped me finally understand what “being in the moment” meant and allowed me to translate that into my work.”
  • “Freedom. Confidence. Clarity. Choice. Strength. Sharing the spotlight. Kindness. Knowing that mistakes are the window to understanding. Daring. Every moment is a new opportunity. Fun. Commitment. Trust.”
  • “Joy”
  • “Being a team player is more beneficial”
  • “Independence”
  • “Escape from depression”
  • “Stop myself from thinking too much. Negative self thoughts”
  • “A treasure box inside of me I never knew existed.”