A Date and Improv…Connection?

by Success Improv
9 years ago

Who would think that a first date is considered improv?

Everyone, when you actually point it out to them. Most people don’t consider a first date (or any date for that matter) to be improvised. At least that is until you point out that they make it up as they go.

I did a training where the premise of the talk was around a one-to-one. In the world of business, a one-to-one is simply getting to know the other person to establish a relationship. You do this in hopes of getting a referral some day from this person. In this case, it was mainly just to discuss meeting someone for the first time (like a first date). And all of the simple questions that come up. Where are you from? What do you like to do? etc…

I explained some of the rules and I showed them how following these rules can make that first meeting a success. And conversely, how it could ruin a meeting by not following the rules of improv.

Since the topic was business-related a woman spoke up at one point and said, “I can use this with my boyfriend!”

I just smiled.

She figured it out…the rules of improv don’t apply to just one area of your life, they apply to all areas of your life. That one comment made my entire day.

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