5 things you need to know to create a fantastic work culture

by Success Improv
5 years ago
Acceptance, Perception, Expectations, Awareness, and Love. These are the things that make a huge difference in work culture. Oddly enough, these are directly correlated to the 5 main rules of improv. Improv alone can have one of the biggest impacts on corporate culture.
We live every moment of our lives without a script. That means we improvise. What most people don’t understand is that a good improv show entails that everyone on stage is following a basic set of rules. When followed, the show could be considered brilliant, fun, exciting, impossible, and other great adjectives. All it took was a group of people following a basic set of rules.
It is no different in the real world. And in business. Following the rules of improv will make work culture fun, exciting, and brilliant. The 2nd rule of improv alone can spark innovation at a level previously unattainable.